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Real Life

It has been a long while since words have been written here. School began and life has had a way of taking over. The world seems loud right now and so I have been quiet. But in the quiet I often wrestle with my heart. I am just going to be honest and say this …

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A New Year

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been a little busy these past few weeks getting ready for the new school year to begin. I am probably worse than my sweet students the night before. Do I have everything? What do I wear? Do I need a lunch? My heart is filled with excitement. Today was the …

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God Winks

Good afternoon friends. I hope this day finds you enjoying the ordinary moments with a smile. Life has been busy as I prepare my classroom for kiddos, spend time with family, and find some quiet moments for my spirit. It has been in some of those moments that God has spoken to my heart. Moments …

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